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Meet the Mentors


Ashley Yore
Avis Bradley
Bailey Drury
Carolyn Smith
Eileen Sweeney
Estella Gray
Holly Clifford Corral
Jennifer Hasler
Jessica Eckley

The Identity
WFLA News Channel 8
Press PR + Marketing
Seven Marketing + PR
Humankind Partnership
State Attorney's Office
Press PR + Marketing
Crackerjack Media
Crackerjack Media

Kaylee Glyder
Kelly Burke
Lorie Garnett
Sonja Craparo
Tiffany Greene
Tiffany Hubert
Toiaya Crawford
Vanessa Evans
Whitney Holtzman

The Identity
Association for Women in Sports Media
University of South Florida
Fox Sports
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Crackerjack Media
Press PR + Marketing
Social Victories

We believe that success begets success so we recruited inspirational local women in media to serve as mentors, providing knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas. The goal is for these young girls to learn directly from the professionals that are helping carve the path and break the glass ceiling.

Mentors are paired with MediaGirlz at local events and asked to provide guidance, feedback, and helpful tools to aid in their growth and success. This format will maximize development opportunities and allow for organic mentor/mentee relationships to form.

"If you can see her, you can be her!"

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