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Bonnie Wise


Chief Financial Administrator, Hillsborough County

Bonnie Wise joined Hillsborough County in April 2011 as the Chief Financial Administrator and is responsible for the financial activities and functions within the departments organized under the County Administrator.  Bonnie is responsible for overseeing the County’s nearly $5 billion budget as well as the management of the affordable housing services, management & budget, debt management, enterprise solutions and quality assurance, grants management, human resources, procurement, and risk management.  Prior to joining Hillsborough County, Bonnie served as Chief Financial Officer for the City of Tampa for 8 years, overseeing various departments and the City’s $787 million budget.  Bonnie takes great strides to ensure that elected officials, administration, and the public have the appropriate financial information to make informed decisions. 


Bonnie has over 30 years of public finance experience.  Prior to her public sector positions, Bonnie was an investment banker with William R. Hough & Co. and was a Senior Vice President in the Public Finance Department.  Bonnie also worked for Raymond James & Associates as Vice President of Public Finance.  Bonnie has expertise in numerous areas of public finance having served as underwriter or financial advisor throughout the state of Florida.


Bonnie holds a Master’s of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, both from the University of Florida.  As resident of Tampa for more than 30 years, she currently lives in South Tampa with her husband and two children.

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