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Beyond Barriers: Donna Orender

"Failure is motivating"

Donna Orender makes a grand entrance at Beyond Barriers, driven by Ally Murdock, the only female zamboni driver in the NHL

Donna Orender…powerful and influential. She is making a positive impact through her inspiring books, engaging speeches, and most of all her exemplary career in sports. Donna Orender has inspired many young girls and women through her book, WOWSDOM! The Girl’s Guide to the Positive and the Possible. This book is a collection of letters, activities, advice and so much more! Donna excelled for six years as the president of WNBA. She also served as an Executive Vice President for the PGA and is the founder of Generation W.

Currently, Donna is the CEO of Orender Unlimited where they “Elevate the Voices of Women and Girls.” She continually inspires many women and young girls to push for what is next. In fact, as I learned about all her endeavors and the impact she is making in the world of women and sports, I was equally encouraged.

She motivates many of us to believe in ourselves and to follow our dreams. Personally, I was moved when she said “failure is motivating” because when you mess up, you have the opportunity to become a better you and could lead to greater success. It stirred me to never give up and to learn from my experiences. It pushed me to continue pursuing my goals. Donna Orender really engaged us when she said, “If You Can See Her. You Can Be Her.” She emphasized courage, strength, leadership, and character – qualities that she said developed through the act of playing sports.

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