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Volunteer Spotlight


Janice Davis

Why do you volunteer? 
I have always been a people person and found all of the Sports Commission events exciting! I know that with these events they can’t afford to pay everyone, so I do as much as I can to recruit people I know to be a part of the experience. Volunteers are the backbone of all of these big events in town, without us they wouldn’t be able to run so smoothly! 

As a woman I really enjoy being able to see so many people supporting the female athletes. When I was their age I could barely dream of having these types of opportunities.


Growing up I tried to play basketball, but when I played it was only on a half court! No matter what I still love watching the sport and seeing how far everything has all come is a bonus to volunteering. 


What was your favorite Women’s Final Four memory from 2015?
In 2015, my volunteer role was as a host to the University of Maryland Terrapins. It was a unique position that allowed me to be with them from the moment they got to our city to the moment they left. I had so many amazing memories that I don’t know if I can pick just one. I loved being able to talk with the parents of the athletes and the boosters — you get to know them and see first hand how exciting they are for their teams and their schools. Everyone has such pride and I took so much pride being able to be a part of their journey. 

I enjoyed being able to go behind-the-scenes, watch them practice and be down on the floor by the court. 


Why should other people want to volunteer? 
Volunteering for events like Women’s Final Four is ultimately just a lot of fun! To be a part of an event that is on a national stage and feature our great city of Tampa Bay is an honor. I really enjoy giving back to a community of which I am proud to be a part. If you want to be a part of the action, become a volunteer! 

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