Follow along with the MediaGirlz as they share their first-hand experiences on the road to the Women's Final Four.


Hot off the Press

A Look Back at the Women’s Final Four

By: Anna Woodward When I first received this assignment, I had to take some time to think about what to write. Even though this experience has only lasted four or five months, it’s weird to think of not getting emails about the next event or practicing questions for my next interview. I was unsure of what to write until I went to a journalism convention this weekend and as I was interviewing people and working nonstop to get my assignment done, I realized how impactful Press

My Journey to the Final Four

By: Isabella Diggs Experiencing the Women’s Final Four journey through the Junior Journalism program allowed me to have many positive experiences that I will never forget. It is because of the leadership and mentorship of Press Pass that I have been able to expand my knowledge in different aspects of journalism such as writing, social media and photography. This whole experience has been unforgettable, but if I were to choose one outstanding experience, it would the compilati

I Went FOUR It All!

By: Annabelle Anderson Welcome to the Women’s Final Four Recap. I’m Annabelle Anderson, the youngest news anchor in Tampa Bay! I appreciate the opportunity to have partnered with the Tampa Sports Commission and the NCAA Women’s Final Four to create a lifetime memory through this incredible event. This experience has taught me so much, and I am grateful for the amazing team of Press Pass Girls. We had great laughs, many quick dance parties, and learned how to create our own st

My Press Pass Experience

By: Abigail Hennessee Press Pass has been a fantastic experience. It has given me many opportunities that are once in a lifetime, and that I will remember forever. I participated in Breaking Barriers which highlighted Title IX where I interviewed a handful of women that were inspiring young girls everywhere. One of these women was Jane Castor, who was recently elected Tampa's mayor and is a former chief of police. Another woman at that event was Lauren Holtkamp who was the th

Press Pass: An Unforgettable Opportunity

By: Janaya Thomas Press Pass has allowed me to see a different career that I may not have considered before. I have always thought that a career in journalism would consist of writing articles on different events that are covered. After going through with the Press Pass program, I have learned that many different areas make up the media industry. Not only was I able to experience different aspects of journalism, but also participated in the Women’s Final Four. If it weren’t f

Beyond Barriers: Lauren Holtkamp

“See a role model. Be a role model.” During Beyond Barriers: Because of Title IX, Lauren Holtkamp said, “See a role model. Be a role model.” This quote stood out to me because it shows that girls can do anything that they set their mind to. It inspires them to do what they want, even the unexpected, like being she was. My panelist Lauren Holtkamp was the third woman to become a full-time NBA official during the 2014 - 2015 season and spoke about her journey to becoming being

Beyond Barriers: Tiffany Greene

“You are enough and you can do it.” Dressed in an elegant red dress, Tiffany Greene dazzled the audience at Beyond Barriers at Amalie Arena. Right before my eyes, I was listening to the inspiring story of the first ever African-American woman to be an ESPN play-by-play commentator. At the age of five, Greene decided she wanted to become a sports commentator. Growing up, her father was the first ever African American man to be on television for the Tampa Bay area as a news anc

Beyond Barriers: Brigid Merenda

"Your skills now will transfer into a future career." In addition to being a former women's' basketball student-athlete, Brigid Merenda currently works as a color analyst for the University of South Florida Women’s Basketball team and is an attorney at Trenam Law. Merenda’s role as an athlete has opened new doors for her and allowed her to make an impact on others. Merenda plays a part in the YMCA’s New Tampa basketball program. She coaches a team of kids and this past year s

Beyond Barriers: Jane Castor

"Be the best and help the rest." At Beyond Barriers, there were many inspiring women. Hearing their stories was interesting and encouraging. Among these women, one stood out to me: Jane Castor. Listening to her felt more like hearing a friend speak than hearing a panelist answer questions. She carried herself in a way that seemed genuine and friendly making her story stick with me even more. Even in that brief time, she made an impact on me, one that I’m sure many others felt

Beyond Barriers: Donna Orender

"Failure is motivating" Donna Orender…powerful and influential. She is making a positive impact through her inspiring books, engaging speeches, and most of all her exemplary career in sports. Donna Orender has inspired many young girls and women through her book, WOWSDOM! The Girl’s Guide to the Positive and the Possible. This book is a collection of letters, activities, advice and so much more! Donna excelled for six years as the president of WNBA. She also served as an Exec

Beads & Basketballs

The history of Gasparilla and inclusion of the Women's Final Four in the Gasparilla Children's Parade. Smile for the camera! My experience at the Gasparilla Children’s Parade included capturing photos and walking alongside the NCAA® Women’s Final Four® convertible sports car. I enjoyed watching the faces of both kids and adults light up when they received colorful bead necklaces. Along the parade route, children dressed in pirate costumes and waved Jolly Roger flags. The comm

Coaches Corner

MediaGirl Anna Woodward sat down with the University of South Florida Women's Basketball Head Coach, Jose Fernandez, and the University of Oklahoma Women's Basketball Head Coach, Sherri Coale, for a Q&A at the Beyond the Baseline Tip-Off Celebration. For photos from the event and game click here. Woodward: “Well first off, it’s very nice to meet both of you, and I want to thank both of you for joining us today. I know that the crowd is very excited to hear what you have to sa

Meet Meredith Cleaver

Hear from the NCAA Director of Women's Basketball Championships, Meredith Cleaver, when she sat down with MediaGirl, Abigail Hennessee, to talk about the Women's Final Four returning to Tampa Bay for the third time. For photos from the event and game, click here. #WFFTampaBay #WFinalFour

Beyond the Baseline Tip-Off Celebration

Photos from Beyond the Baseline Tip-Off Celebration at the University of South Florida v. the University of Oklahoma women's basketball game. Please enjoy the event from my lens. MediaGirlz and Mentors (L-R): Lorie Garnett, Kaylee Glider, Toiaya Crawford, Isabela Diggs, Annabelle Anderson, Abigail Hennessee, Anna Woodward, Avis Bradley, Tiffany Hubert #WFFTampaBay #WFinalFour

LIVE with Isabela Diggs

A live, behind-the-scenes look at the MediaGirlz first Press Pass event. View "our story" in the highlights of the Tampa Bay Sports Commission Instagram account @SportsTampaBay. Good morning, #TampaBay! My name is Isabela and I'll be taking you behind the scenes for today's #BeyondTheBaseline. Follow our story for more info. #WFFTampaBay #WFinalFour